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Biologist and environmental consultant with experience in Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM), Marine mammal observer (MMO) and environmental surveys. I have been working as an active observer for the past 13 years, in a wide range of environments around the world – seismic; offshore wind; cable laying; baseline, monitoring and research surveys, etc.

Relevant qualifications:

Graduate in Biology (University of Évora - Portugal). Training and experience in Cetacean Observation and Interaction. Worked as an Environmental Consultant, conducting Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies, report production and Power Lines and Wind Farms impact monitoring; also as a Sea birds, Cetacean and Fisheries Observer and currently working as PAM/MMO/PSO/MFO. Fisheries observer (bluefin tuna industry)

I hold all valid offshore certifications – GWO, OPITO Bosiet/HUET, CA-EBS, etc. as well as an NMD Medical and Seaman's Book.

I'm JNCC, BSEE, BOEM and ACCOBAMS certified as PAM, MMO and PSO.

I'm also an Advanced Diving Instructor (SSI, PADI) and a Scientific Diver and CPR, 1stAid and 2ndCare Instructor (not active status). I speak fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish and French and Italian.

  • AMSO
    Has successfully completed the full Arabian Marine Species Observer training

Dinis Geraldes

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